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    Electricity Authority of Cyprus
    Electricity Authority of Cyprus
    Alecos Gabrielides
    Duration: 5 years
    Commencement Date: 2000
    Completion Date: 2005

    The new Headquarters of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus was constructed by  GCC Ltd and completed in 2005.

    The EAC Headquarters is on 8 levels, comprising of 6 storeys of offices, 1 substation, 2 basement parking levels and external works.

    The building is one of the most high-tech buildings in Cyprus and includes the latest mechanical / electrical technology – e.g. photovoltaic system and has impressive external facades comprising of extensive structural and frameless glazing, stone and marble cladding and metalwork structures.

    The Project was one of 3 Projects which won an Environmental and Sustainability Award in Cyprus in 2008.  The Architect was Mr. Alecos Gavrielides.

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