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    Larnaca Desalination Plant
    Water Development Department of Cyprus
    Duration: 1 year
    Commencement Date: 2000
    Completion Date: 20001

    In February 1999 IDE was awarded the build-own-operate-transfer (BOT) contract to supply a daily 40,000m3 of desalinated water by the Water Development Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Cyprus, and GCC Ltd was awarded the Civil Engineering and Building Works of the Project. When the contract period expires in 2011 the plant will become the property of the Cypriot government.
    GCC work included the Reverse Osmosis Building, Administration and Control Offices, Laboratory and Concrete Storage Tanks. The Contract awarded to GCC Ltd. was CY £ 872.500,00
    GCC commenced construction in January 2000 and completed in March 2001, with the formal inauguration ceremony taking place on 23 April 2001.
    Built near Larnaca airport, this is the largest desalination facility in Cyprus. The plant has six treatment trains, five for seawater RO and the sixth as secondary permeate treatment

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